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How to Search:

To find available ASO services and supports, you may search using one, some, OR all of the criteria listed below.

Provider Name:  To search for services and supports by provider, enter the provider's name here. This is very sensitive and it will work best if you enter a partial name, e.g. ‘Smith’ instead of ‘Alan Smith’.

Zip Code:  To search for a provider or service by zip code (exact match), enter the zip code of the provider or the service area you are searching for here.

Service Category and Service:  To search for a specific type of service, click on the Service Category drop down listbox to select from a choice of service categories you wish to find, and THEN click on the Service drop down listbox to select the specific type of service you are looking for.

Language:  To search by languages spoken by the provider (other than English), click on the Language drop down listbox to select the language.

Provider Notes Keyword:  You may search the Provider Notes field to look for key words in the information submitted by providers regarding their services, which may include but is not limited to days and hours of services, specialty services, or areas of expertise.

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